About Rangarsons

When the drumbeats roll and a swirl of bagpipes accompany ranks of marching men in uniform. When the colors of full ceremonial dress regalia dazzle the eye and the sun glitters off the rows of polished medals and insignia, that is indeed a proud moment for Rangarsons - The Leading supplier of all military ceremonial software and accouterments as well as musical instruments to the Indian Armed Forces since 1941.

Today, Rangarsons are also renowned worldwide, having equipped with many of the armed forces in countries of the Middle East and Africa, since 1945.

With the revival of interest in the Raj era, Rangarsons have also supplied dress uniforms and regalia to prestigious films such as ‘Gandhi’, ‘Jewel in the Crown’, ‘The Far Pavilions’, David Lean’s ‘A Passage to India’, and ‘Lord Mountbatten - The Last Viceroy’.

The watchword at Rangarsons is quality and an eye for perfection. Intricate hand-embroidery and skilled craftsmanship of gold and sliver thread-work-impeccable headgear, uniform ensembles, the metal casting of medals, buttons, badges, and pins. The Rangarsons tradition has always conformed to the finest dress traditions of the uniformed forces. Flag and pennants-chevron and swagger stick and the picture of pomp and ceremony completed with the music of a full military band. Rangarsons are also suppliers of a wide range of musical instruments for regimental bands, whether Pipes or brass.

Rangarsons maintain the same perfection in their distribution and delivery schedules, as they impart to their quality products. In addition, they offer the satisfaction of competitive pricing and value for money to all customers including expert advice and prompt after-sales service for even custom-made requirements .